Mar 13, 2008

Trying something new! Unit Studies

Things have been running rather smoothly. We are trying something different this week and KM seems to really be enjoying it. We are doing a Unit Study on Charlotte's Web, but doing in a condensed version to fit it into being completed in the one week period.
She told me today that she "likes how the unit studies makes me think more about how the story works." It amazes me the things she comes up with. We were talking today about getting some more unit studies that are focused on one group and working them into our curriculum ever 6 weeks or so to change things up. The CurrClick site listed at the bottom of the screen has a TON of them for really reasonable prices if you are interested.
The Charlotte's Web one is over 200 pages, has tons of activities and is actually free on that site as well. It is a great resource site!
The cool thing to is that since we aren't doing the whole thing now I can use some of the other activities and ideas later and link them back!
I am just sooooo excited that KM is EXCITED about learning again!
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