Our Abbreviations

So I was sitting here thinking how much quicker my entries could be if I had a standard list of abbreviations I could use for my blog. I think I will add to it as I go that way I can come up with them as needed....it may also give some insight to me if I have to try to define situations in my life in terms others understand.

KM - my wonderful daughter ~ 9/97 ~ who has been homeschooling since 12/07

CJ - KM's dad

DN - CJ's son ~ 8/96 ~ and of course therefore KM's half brother 

Noni - my earth angel gone back to heaven (my adoptive mom who passed away in 2006)

Dad or My father - this seems redundant but my dad refers to my adoptive father, who once upon a time was married to Noni

MC - my adoptive OLDER sister that I grew up with

ZF - My oldest nephew from my adoptive sister 4/93

SC - my wonderful niece from my adoptive sister 6/07

GC - my unique niece from my adoptive sister 6/09

MJ - my twin nephew from my adoptive sister 5/11

AR - my twin niece from my adoptive sister 5/11  

"The Littles" - refers to only SC, and GC, 

"The Itty Bitties" - refers to only MJ and AR

AM - KM's very best friend

DFD- my biomom (i am an adult adoptee reconnected since 1997)

SR - my sister from DFD's side 7/99

PR - my brother from DFD's side 11/95

JP- my biodad (happily reunited since 1999)

LP- my biodad's wife (one of the most amazing, caring, generous, understanding women that i know)

EP- my sister ~ JP's daughter ~ mom to OR

OR - my neice ~EP's daughter - 10/06

DP - my youngest brother on JP's side 4/99

SAHM-SAHD-SAHP - stay at home mom / dad / parent

PS - Public School

HS- homeschool

Now if that doesn't make my thoroughly confusing family more clear for you...
then you are sane. I have trouble keeping most of it straight myself.