Feb 13, 2008

My abbreviations - 1-12-08

So I was sitting here thinking how much quicker my entries could be if I had a standard list of abbreviations I could use for my blog. I think I will add to it as I go that way I can come up with them as needed....it may also give some insight to me if I have to try to define situations in my life in terms others understand.
KM - my wonderful 10 yr. old daughter
CJ - the other half of me, for whom my life would not be quite so pleasant. (yes that was kinda sickening.)
DD- my biomom (i am an adult adoptee very happily reconnected since 1997)
JP- my biodad
LP- my biodad's wife (one of the most amazing, caring, generous, understanding women that i know)
HS- homeschool
Noni - my earth angel gone back to heaven (my adoptive mom who passed away in 2006)
SC - my wonderful new light (my niece from my adoptive sister)
SR - my sister from DD's side (loves to tell everyone that she is 2 yrs. younger than KM)
PR - my brother from DD's side (only 2 yrs. older than KM)
DP - my youngest brother on JP's side (also 2 yrs. younger than KM doesn't think it is as cool to have a niece older than him as SR does)
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