Jul 25, 2013

Zombies in our library!!!

TAG Zombies Trapped in the Library
Of course they had to learn Thriller

Had some incredible make-up done by Katie Leishman 
More than a little creepy and a whole lot of fun!

Another great visit to Boston topped off with the Commonwealth Shakespeare Players!

KM can't get enough of Boston and when she has experiences like ----

 getting to wear a burmese python named Goldie,

and sprawling out on the lawn with friends

to watch an incredible performance of Two Gentlemen From Verona 
I guess it is understandable why she loves it! 

Anyone who is in the area needs to get to the common to see this spectacular show before it's gone for good after Sunday 7/28! Commonwealth Shakespeare Company did an outstanding job at seamlessly intertwining this classic shakespearean tale with rat pack vegas tunes like "Luck Be a Lady," "Change Partners" and "I've Got You Under My Skin." This has to be one of the best shows I have every seen!!! SO get on down and bring the kids - they will surely enjoy the humor, choreography and of course the cute little pup!!

Jul 15, 2013

Incredible Performances at Outside the Box Boston!

Any excuse for KM to get to go into Boston is met with enthusiasm, but this trip in was for some truly incredible performances at the Outside the Box festival!

Our two favorites had to be Nenna Gulati & the Triveni Ensemble and Australia's Strange Fruit -

Here are some clips, we apologize as they are a bit shaky ---


Not sure yet if we are going to make it in again later in the week, but we are hopeful it will be a bit cooler if we do!!! There are a plethora of incredible performers hitting these stages so if you are in the area make sure you get down to the common!!!

Jul 12, 2013

A Daunting Topic - Home Ed Transcripts

As we are finishing up with our official home ed adventures this fall, I have been spending some time poking around at high school transcripts. Since there is no reason to reinvent the wheel I thought I would share some of the rather interesting results I found. Be forewarned that although I generally try to have secular resources, these are not all secular, but I feel as though the specific transcript content outweighs the religious tone.

After looking over these I feel far more confident that I can whip something up if necessary! It also helps that we use the Homeschool Tracker Plus, so most of KM's information is already to go! 

Jul 7, 2013

There is a strangeness...

in sitting across the table from your daughter who is jamming out to songs that you would have been jamming out to at 15. At this age when she is coming into her own and expressing her true individuality it is quite an interesting mix. She enjoys reading as much as I do, horror movies as much as CJ, and has an unexplainable love of ALL things Japanese - even sushi!

There are many similarities between the two of us and I often see her doing or saying things that make me think "she is SO my daughter." Of course I also have moments when I look at her and see a very obvious CJ expression across her face or hear his words coming off her lips, but it is more than a little eery staring into some sort of weird retro twisted universal mirror that makes you realize just how quickly this precious time is passing. We need to remember to cherish this time and be more than a little thankful that we are blessed with such an incredible person in our lives!