Apr 7, 2009

Metric System Day

The metric system just makes so much more sense to me and I truly don't understand why it is not used as the standard measurement here in the US, but hey what can we do today but celebrate this common sense system!!!

Here are our links for today -
I will update you later with what we did to get more metric!

----OUR DAY JUST GOT AWAY FROM US!!! CJ was home for the day because they had an outside job and it was TOOOO wet! This ALWAYS throws things off to begin with, but we also had errands to do, costumes to get in order and a new history unit to do. KM did look over some of the metric links on her own this morning though and her favorite was the National Institute of Standards and Technology - HERE and when she printed out the Metric Pyramid it seemed to all make sense to her! Maybe we can take some time later in the week to take a look at some of the other sites!!! Let me know what you guys got done and had fun with!!!
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