Apr 5, 2009

Spontaneous Playdates Lead to...


We got bit by the spring bug this morning and decided we would get some seedlings started and the garden area started - we have about a month until the last frost, but we figured if we get it going we will be on the right track -

We had put these pieces of bark aside when we were splitting wood during the winter and I came across them this morning so once they are dried and ready I will be sure to share our project!

Then KM was out scootering when we had unexpected visitors stop by - she was very excited and this led to a spontaneous playdate - the best kind of course!

This also left me with an afternoon in a quiet house -
so I tackled some things I just hadn't had time to get to lately!!!

First was the front closet -
hey there really is a floor there and I can even SHUT THE DOORS!

We just finished our winter session so I took some time to get the spring lesson plans laid out!
I always feel sooooo much better when I have things outlined and a direction to head in!

Then I headed into the playroom and changed some posters and got some project areas ready!

I got the astrology study mural background up...

Took the dinosaurs off the map and got it ready for first civilizations...

Put up the GCK Homeschool Art Gallery latest features...

I also came across this Grass Headz that we got a few months ago at the MOS and we forgot all about it - KM will be happy to get this started - I will keep you posted on how he turns out!

KM had a great afternoon at her friends and I got a TON done around here which will make our week sooooooo much smoother!

I just love it when things all come together just right!
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