Sep 18, 2012

2012-2013 Education Plan COMPLETED!!!

We are on our summer/fall book break and I have taken some time to get things reorganized before starting our fall session. I think that I have arrived at the point where we have made the final decisions for the majority of KM's lessons for the next three sessions. AS ALWAYS nothing is set in stone, but each year I feel more comfortable and end up changing less things throughout. I take a lot of time researching and organizing in the beginning to help us feel comfortable and to allow our year to flow.

I will also continue to update the Home Education Through High School Resources page so be sure to check it out!!!

KM's Education Outline
Summer '12 – Spring '13 Sessions 

ELA - Literature Writing
Classic Fiction including - Little Women, Frankenstein, Yearling, Ethan Frome, Wrinkle in Time, Animal Farm, & Adventures of Huck Finn ~ additionally we will be watching various cinematic versions of each of these when applicable. 
Glencoe Literature Guides
Hands on Banking For Teens - Summer Only 
Applying Algebra - Fall - Spring

Chem Prep Unit 1 of GPB Chemistry Video Resources - Summer Only
Various Chemistry related videos which will be listed - HERE 

Social Sciences – U.S. History, Current Events & Geography
Will of the people - Virtual Field Trip

Health & P.E.

Youth Group
Volunteer Work
Chess Club 
Teen Advisory Group 
Shakespeare Theatre Group
Japanese from Zero!
Japanese 1 - GPB Resources 

Essentially this would be KM's 10th grade year if she were in traditional school.  KM's lighter Summer Schedule - 

and her Fall - Spring Schedule

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