Sep 13, 2012

Complimentary Educational Resources from National Grid

I got this email today and decided to share it! We have used these materials in the past and they were really high quality!

National Grid Complimentary Resources for Educators
quotation The quality of the materials is amazing and my students are excited about them—they want to learn! I use the materials when teaching science since they address many important, related standards.
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Meet teaching objectives with Energy Education resources
National Grid’s Energy Education Program is designed to help you meet your teaching objectives especially when it comes to energy science, safety, conservation, ethics, and environment-related topics too.
Our complimentary student books, companion teacher’s guides, and online resources:
• align with Academic Standards
   for Massachusetts, New York,
   and Rhode Island;
• save you prep time;
• address various learning
• conserve your budget—
   there’s no cost.
We offer five student books—each with an accompanying teacher’s guide that provides valuable background information, activities, discussion topics, and resources to build upon each book’s lessons—including:
Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power
Grades K–2

This beautifully illustrated tale about three lovable kittens introduces the benefits of electricity and electric safety basics.

Your Renewable Energy World Your Renewable Energy World
Grades 3–7

Help kids become smart energy users. They’ll explore several renewable energy resources (solar, wind, hydro, ocean, biomass, geothermal), investigate the advantages and challenges of these renewable resources, and learn how to save energy at home.

Energy Efficiency World Energy Efficiency World
Grades 4–8

This book utilizes kid-friendly examples to make it easy for students to learn about the sources, forms, and uses of energy. It teaches them to make energy-efficient choices.

Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World Electrical and Natural Gas Safety World
Grades 4–6

This imaginative activity book helps teach mandated science concepts like circuits, conductors, and states of matter, while powerfully reinforcing safety.

Energy and Your Environment Energy and Your Environment
Grades 7–9

This colorful, magazine-style book explains how we get our energy from the planet and how our energy use impacts the environment.
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