Sep 10, 2012

Random Update - "This is just our life"

So I know that things have been more than a bit quiet around here when it comes to me actually ranting or raving about what is going on and although I could say this is simply because things have been very busy lately, I don't know how true that is. I have been able to keep up with posting neat things I find and have done a few reviews here and there, but I also feel like I have begun to get to this place where things are feeling really comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I have been thrown some real wing-dingers in the last few months, but as far as our home educating goes I think we have really gotten to this place of "this is just our life."

Maybe it is that KM is getting older and really taking responsibility for her education or the fact that I am working again or that we have found the perfect balance for our family or it could be something entirely unbeknownst to me. Whatever it is I really like this place! I like not having to nag and worry about lessons being completed. I like that I can run errands and know that when I return she will have her lessons done - and maybe even a few chores! I like that we can ditch the lessons and head to the movies because we will get to the lessons tonight or later in the week or on the weekend and that is perfectly fine - with both me and her!

Now don't get me wrong, not everything is sunshine and rainbows - or as KM would say "lollipops, candy canes, rainbows and Fluttershy"! There are days when things don't go right, personalities clash, or tragedy strikes, but these do not have anything to do with our educational choices, this is just our life!

Turn the clock back 5 years and you would see a completely different household. When things went wrong, they REALLY went wrong! We didn't know what mellow was because all we did was fight over homework or behavior or chores or school behavior or getting up in the morning or going to bed on time or you name it and we probably had one whopper of a battle over it. I thought for a long time that that was just our life. That was just the way it had to be. Luckily though I had an epiphany. I knew I had to change something so I made the decision that has altered our lives to what I feel it truly should have been from the beginning!

I do not regret having sent KM to school because I truly believe that there was a reason for it - if nothing else it has made us appreciate this path so much more! I am grateful that we have been able to find our life and we can enjoy living it to the fullest each and every day! 
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