Apr 30, 2008

Funtastic Day In Boston!

We headed back into town again today to the circus!

* I first want to say that the following pics are not spectacular - mostly because of the lighting - I took 80 pics total and these were the only ones that I could even tell what they were. They get the lights just right so that you can't get too much details in your shots, if any at all.

We have been to many shows on vacation, but KM had never been to an actual circus before.
I am so glad that we waited to see the Big Apple Circus!
Over the last 2 weeks we had gone over the study guide that the circus provided to learn about the history behind the circus - which totally enhanced our experience. Through the show she kept saying - "Remember we read about that" - "That part was just like in the book" - "They are so classical" - It was fantastic!!!

The Clowns were hysterical -

Gramma was KMs favorite clown of course!

The horses were so beautiful and quick! We thought for sure they were going to run right out of the ring. KM couldn't believe they could be trained so well.

The mini-horse was so funny - they just look odd!

The rope walker was incredible -

When he was handed the unicycle I thought for sure he was going to fall!

The acrobats were my favorite!
In case you can't tell what is going on in these pics here is the low down:
1. One man is on stilts balancing on a bar held by two other men while the first man is also balancing a chair atop a pole.

2. A fourth man is catapulted into the air, flipping along the way ~ you can see the blur of him just above the chair
3. He lands perfectly in the chair - we were all holding our breath!

This really was an incredible show!

We then went over to a restaurant where I knew KM would fit in perfectly!
Dick's Last Resort!

She was much more tolerant of the waiter than I thought ~ she even went back and forth with him a few times -he remarked that she should come back to apply for a job there in a few years!

Across the way was a Build-a-Bear!
KM was so thrilled as she had never been to one that had the Sweethearts Dolls before!

It was terrific - we had the WHOLE store to ourselves!

We have been studying the pre-revolutionary period, so she was happy to see the statue of her favorite "Son of Liberty" Samuel Adams!

We had a wonderful day in Boston!

If you are thinking of attending the Big Apple Circus I highly recommend that you use the study guide they have located here: http://theorganization.bigapplecircus.org/About/StudyGuide/

Apr 29, 2008

Apples are great for teething!

I forgot how great a peeled and cored apple could be for a little one's teething gums!

She sat in the chair with that apple for nearly an hour!!!
She was laughing and soooo happy to have an apple like her big cousin!

Apr 27, 2008

Finding New Insight

An author, Paulo Coelho, was recommended to me by my favorite librarian this past week and while I was looking up some info on him I came across two quotes that I really connected with and wanted to share my thoughts on.

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path." - Paulo Coelho
~I think this is something that a lot of people should make a conscience effort to remember. It gets difficult at times for many reasons - as you want to be right, you want to share your wisdom, you want others to be able to feel the happiness that you feel. However you have to remember that what makes one person happy could make another sad, what tastes good to one person could cause an allergic reaction to another. We each have a right to our own path, so you have to find the line and not cross it when it comes to sharing and not pushing. We also need to remember that you cannot know what goes on in another person's home. No matter how many stories you hear, how many fights you witness or how many perfect report cards you hear about.

"Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering." - Paulo Coelhomy
~This made me think of my previous post - "Toxic or Not?" When is enough really enough? How do you make the decision to forget what has happened and move on or to forget and let go? IMO - Indecisiveness is the worse feeling. I would rather make a decision and deal with the consequences than sit and ponder and ponder until my head feels like it is going to split in two.

~Have a favorite quote that you would like to share? Please do in the comment section.

Apr 26, 2008

Day Filled With Science!

We had an awesome day at the opening day of the
Cambridge Science Festival!

Saw some cool silk chickens - of course she wants one now!

Learned about where the household water comes from & where it goes when it goes down the drain. http://www.cdm.com/

Saw a great show "Science Comes Alive" that was put on by the MIT Alumni Club of Boston.
KM got picked for to assist in an experiment.

Learned the science behind the "red magic fish"!

KM's favorite part of the show that was the experiments with the carbon dioxide - (dry ice)!

We wandered into a large room with boards set up everywhere and then she discovered that they were all paper airplane experiments! She has spent the last 3 weeks finding paper airplane directions, plans and printouts on-line.

As we were leaving - she spotted Ruff Ruffman - her favorite on PBS!


We had a spectacular day, the weather was perfect and we got some incredible information. . .

to think about.

If you are in the area - or close to the area - I would suggest the ride in this week as it was totally worth it. There are events and attractions going on all week in different parts of Cambridge!

Lots of links to share:















More to come as we look through more of the material! Enjoy!

Let me know if you find anything really good!

Apr 25, 2008

Not on the Test - Video

OMG - this was sent to some of the lists - exactly what the mother's were talking about in my previous post! It is scary to think HOW true this really is!~ before pressing play scroll down and stop or pause the last fm player to hear the video


Here is another good one - I have been told that it is the father of the man who wrote "Not on the Test"


Apr 23, 2008

A Visit With Old "Friends"

I was sitting at the library today while KM was volunteering with an art project. Since it was vacation week there were a lot more kids there then usually and I got to sit with some of my former PTO "friends" for a few minutes. These are by no means people that I talked to on a regular basis, ~ more like ships passing at different PTO events ~ so out of the five of them there, only one was aware that I had begun homeschooling. They were all from the three different elementary schools that are in our town and were comparing notes on the different ways in which the schools approach or present the MCAS testing to the kids. I won't even get into the details of the conversation, but I will say that I am ECSTATIC to not have to deal with that anymore!
Then suddenly the one mom who knew that I was homeschooling turned and said "Oh how is that going?" - almost like it was some sort of infection that needed to be checked on. After my high from yesterday's day in bed (see previous post) I was more than willing to share how wonderfully everything was going. Then of course the questions started ~ "so she is home ALL day?" - "when does she see her friends?" - "what about college?"- "do you have to do testing?" ~ and I am sure most of you know the rest of them. I must say this is the first time that I have been in this situation with more than one mother at a time asking me questions as if I was running for office or something and I am rather proud of myself because I answered every one of them without hesitation ~ Apparently I am absorbing a lot of information I didn't even realize that I was from people and postings!
Then there was the I could never do that conversations ~ this is something that really amazes me - I am not perfect by any means and there are times when I need a break from my child, but these moms were actually sitting there stating that they have trouble spending an hour with their kids, expressing how difficult this weeks vacation was and how they wished that there were more afternoon classes being held at the rec center. One mom had just gotten back from a four day trip away with her husband because (as she admitted) she never would have made it having them home for the whole week! Another mom stated how when her kids go to school that is her six hours of sanity! I don't know I just don't understand it.
I do remember thinking like that from time to time, but I also really enjoy spending time with my daughter. I remember being sad each fall when school started back up. Of course I hated the homework starting up again and the craziness and always dreaded figuring out the workings of the new teacher's rules and ways, but mostly it never felt right for her to be locked in that building for 6+ hours a day, only to be let out and forced to sit at the table for 2-3 hours of homework. I felt like I never got to enjoy "being" with her.
It has been just over four months now since KM has been to school, but honestly it feels like a lifetime ago. I am amazed everyday at the progress that we have made. I am glad that we will never have to worry or even really think about the MCAS tests again. I am so sure that I made the right decision - for our whole families sake! There are moments when it is difficult, but they are outweighted by the good a hundred times over.
I would also like to mention how grateful I am to the my new homeschooling friends (on & off line) who support me daily through this journey! I heard many of your words of wisdom running through my head as the parents were bombarding me with questions!

No Desk Needed!

Who says you need to be at a desk or table to get work done?
We spent the whole day in bed and got the MOST schoolwork completed without any protest.
It was so relaxing and mellow! I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!

Apr 21, 2008

Monday Hike

We went on a fantastic hike with our homeschooling group today!

After the crazy amount of stuff we got done this weekend, I was so exhausted and almost skipped out, but I am so glad that I didn't!

We went to an area that I have never been before and it was so much closer than I would have thought - or even mapquest thought for that matter - It is amazing how many places are so close by that I have never been to and I have lived in the same area my whole life. I was mentioning that to a friend a few weeks ago when we were at another field trip and she says it is probably because I am from here that I have never been to any of these places- but anyway...

I am even more exhausted, but it was worth it! The weather was perfect, the company was wonderful and the kids were amazing!!! Our hike host had planned on us only doing half the trail, but the kids wanted to push on - and push on they did - all the way to the top! I was so impressed with the little ones - 4 & 5 - hiking to the top and scrambling over the rocks. It was a wonderful day - we even got to throw some science in by stopping by the weather observatory on the way. One thing that I thought of SEVERAL times while we were hiking was I am ever so glad I did not have SC on my back! I don't know how those dad's did it today!

Congrats to all who made it to the top today!

Apr 20, 2008

Toxic or Not?

This is totally not my normal blog entry, but I have been thinking lately about friendship, grief and the number of different ways that people deal with it. Some people act as though nothing has happened and move on. Others fall to pieces and cannot function. Some try to drag every other person down with them into their misery. Most lie on a spectrum somewhere in between. It is hard to know whom will fall in one area, while another far from it. I firmly believe that people who have been through a situation should stand and help those who are encountering a similar situation, but to what degree? When is enough, enough? How do you decide whether one more try should be given on a friendship or it is time to end it? How many mistakes is one allowed?

Some of you may be thinking ~ "What in the world made her think of this?" ~while some of you know exactly what led me here.

I came across an article the other day that got me thinking and related it to my life. Here are some excerpts:

“A friendship is between two peers,” says Florence Isaacs, author of Toxic Friends/True Friends. “There has to be balance in a friendship for it to be healthy -- not one person whose needs get met and another whose needs are overlooked.”

This makes sense - I think it a good definition that really hits the mark on the head.

“Toxic friends stress you out, use you, are unreliable, are overly demanding, and don’t give anything back,” Isaacs tells WebMD.
While a toxic friend doesn’t have to lay claim to all of these charming characteristics, they do seem to bring on their nasty behavior on a consistent basis, as opposed to those of us who just have a bad day once in a while and take it out on some of the people we care about the most -- our friends.
“The phrase ‘toxic friend’ is pop psychology,” says Jenn Berman, PhD, a psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills, Calif. “I would say it’s someone who, after spending time with them, makes you feel bad about yourself instead of good; someone who tends to be critical of you -- sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes not so subtle; a friend who drains you emotionally, financially, or mentally, and they’re not very good for you.”

By continuing a toxic friendship, you’re allowing your friend to hurt you, but you’re also hurting yourself. “You have to take some degree of responsibility for the situation,” says Figley, a spokesman for the American Psychological Association. “It’s a pleaser personality -- you want people to like you, you want to get along, and it’s hard to say no. But you can pay the price in one way by having toxic friends.” So even though we want to help our friends and have them rely on us in troubling times, take responsibility for toxic friendships and how they make you feel.

I would only add that negativity draws negativity - positive things happen to positive people.

This is the case that defies scientific explanation of opposites attract. When you jinx yourself by saying "Hey, I made an extra $200!" - you will get a flat tire that costs $225 to repair. You can get crazy mad and depressed or you could look at it as if you hadn't made that $200 you would have to choose between fixing the tire or groceries for the week.

Do all that you can to surround yourself in positive light and love. You will see a difference in yourself and your environment!

Just some things to think about - if you are interested in reading the full article click on the title of this blog and it will take you there.

Apr 19, 2008

Sooo Much To Do - So Much Got Done

You would think by all my blogs the last two days that I did nothing, but sit at the computer all weekend long!

But the reality is we really got a ton of stuff done!
  • cleaned back porch
  • cleaned front porch
  • switched all storms for screens
  • vacuumed all sills
  • vacuumed all rugs
  • swept the floors
  • managed to get SC to take a nap ~ yippee
  • raked the front flower beds
  • played with the neighbors kids
  • fixed the pop out door
  • KM took LOTS of Pics
  • Played catch ~ we used SC on her little rider toy ~ she had a blast!
  • played some video games in the sun
  • emptied the dishwasher twice
  • made some tough decisions about plants
  • listed stuff on freecycle
  • took down the CHRISTMAS lights ~ yes CJ is one of those guys, we actually have a bush out front that we can't take the net lights off of because he left them on there one year and the branches grew through it ~
  • total kitchen wash down
  • picked up dinner, milk and got gas ~ nearly had a heart attack at the pump $3.44
  • got to have dinner with CJ ~ can you believe it!!!
  • washed pots and pans
  • made grocery list for the monthly trip ~ debating on doing delivery again with the ridiculous gas prices it may end up being cheaper
  • swapped winter clothes for summer clothes
  • watched "Becoming Jane" - it is one of my new favorites!
  • thoroughly cleaned ALL coffee maker parts ~ we have one of those "grind right before it brews it" makers and you have to take 90 different pieces apart to get all the grinds out
  • discussed a multitude of earth day issues and had some great ideas for the upcoming Environmental Club Meet & Greet ~ more about that later
  • helped difuse a hostile situation
  • calmed a rather distressed father on the phone ~ won't go into that now either
  • listed more stuff on freecycle
  • talked with one of my dearest pals ~ hoping she is feeling better
  • trip to the hardware store to hopefully revive some cauliflower and rescue some eggplants
  • seeded some new plants
  • got lesson plans together for the week
  • got the PLANTS OUTSIDE!!!
  • spoke with DD - she is wonderful!!!
  • baked lots of goodies for the week
  • repacked cooler and got lunches ready for tomorrow's hike

Sometimes it is good to really see what you have accomplished!

*I just wanted to note that I started this list on saturday afternoon and finished the post on sunday - I CANNOT BELIEVE that we really got all that done in two days - I often look around and wonder what did I do all weekend? So I decided to track what I was doing and really see what I got done. Try it sometime it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment - even more than crossing things of the list. - Now imagine what i could have gotten done if I hadn't stopped every once in a while to track what I was doing - hmmm!


As a lot of you may have heard me say - "SC NEVER SLEEPS FOR ME!" - I thought I would share this:

I don't want to say anything else in fear of jinxing it!

*sorry about the blurr I had to make sure there was no risk of waking her from the flash!

Added later in the day:

SC hardly every sleeps for me and when she does it only about 15-20 minutes. She slept for nearly 2 hours this afternoon!!! I even got some vacuuming done in the other end of the house! I couldn't believe it. When she is home with her mom she takes 2-3 hour naps every day like clockwork, but I think between the fact that there is some much going on here all the time and that she doesn't like to let KM out of her site, she just won't sleep for me. This is the second time in a week that she has done more than a 20 min. nap. ~ I only feel safe enough to say that now without jinxing myself because I don't watch her again until Thursday. ~

A Sad Note, But We Will Prevail!

I wanted to add a quick note on a sad event that occurred this morning.

We have decided that the majority of the cauliflower and eggplant will
not be making it to transplant.

I don't know what we did wrong, but we are going to try again!

Luckily the squash, tomatoes, herbs, onions and peppers are still going strong!!!
Align Center

We will have a garden!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for 4 more nights of NO frost...I think we can make it!!!

Now we just need CJ home long enough to rototill the area and pick up the scrap mess!!!
*special note: all pictures taken by KM today!

Apr 16, 2008

Where does the time go!!!

Everyone asks themselves this question from time to time and some more times than others.

These last few weeks have just been non-stop running running running and the rest of this month doesn't look like it is going to slow down! Hopefully somewhere along the way I will find time to think long enough to come up with something half-way interesting to blog about!

Right now amongst all the craziness, the only thing that has been crossing my mind is next years curriculum.

I am venturing into creating my own curriculum for next year and am a bit nervous. I really don't have a choice in the matter as KM is getting frustrated lately with the Time4Learning site. It either takes forever to load, freezes up or doesn't give her credit for what she has completed. She likes the interactive aspects of the Math and ELA but social studies and science are soooo tedious. The science would be better if they gave the parents a heads up when they were going to have a lab that required certain materials. We really jumped into the program in January as it seemed to be aligned with what she had been doing in PS and you could switch between grade levels for different subjects, but she only has about a month left on the ELA and ELA ext. before that is completed and about 5 or 6 weeks on the Math section. So she will have completed their full year curriculum in half that time.

I got a recommendation to try one of those all-in-one curriculum in a box sets, but she is at so many different levels that I don't think I could find one to fit what we need. So I have been spending every free second trying to figure out what direction I want to take.

Here is what I am thinking:

Math - we are going to try the teaching textbooks - we both really liked their demo and the fact that it is like having a tutor sitting there with you if you have a problem is PRICELESS! Math is the one thing that she really really likes and feels confident enough that she doesn't need me to sit right with her for, so I am hoping that with this program this can continue. ~Don't get me wrong if she needs help I am always there, but I do like that there is more independence in this area. She is going to be taking the pretest next week to determine what level she should start at, but it looks like she is going to be at Math 7.

Language Arts - I am thinking I am really going to focus on writing. I got this great book "Teach Terrific Writing" by Gary Robert Muschla. I like it because it covers all forms of writing and teaches the kids step-by-step how to write, edit and improve their own writing. I also appreciate that is multi-leveled. I really am trying to get away from the grade labeling. I am really starting to see how deceiving it can be. For spelling I think I am going to focus on the words that she is always asking me to spell and adding some vocab - not sure if I am going to stick with the Wordly Wise series. We used it as she had been doing it in PS and liked it, but I don't know it seems to be more of one of those teaching to test things again. I may just incorporate spelling, vocab and reading all together into unit studies. ~ I broke down and purchased the year subscription to efantasmic, it has a great variety of resources for all subject areas and they keep adding more to it every time I go onto the site. I also like that they have a wide variety of selections.

Social Studies & Science - I think I am going to try to stick with unit studies. I figure she was only getting about 45 minutes every other week for each of these subjects in PS so anything is better than that. I also found this ridiculously awesome site a few months ago and got a ton of free curriculum plans from them -ABSOLUTELY FREE! The site is http://www.bscs.org/curriculumdevelopment/index.html I could not believe the info when I received it. I really thought it was going to be little pamphlets or something but this is full curriculum sets, three ring punched and ready for a binder. Some even come with CD-Roms and online extras. Then today there was a link in one of the newsletters to a site for free history plans - you can download or order a disc for free ~that site is http://www.americanheritage.org/elementary.html they have a huge selection as well. There are so many really complete resources online it is incredible! It makes me not feel so bad about splurging on some of the other resources.

Spanish - KM has always been interested in learning Spanish and we have done somethings here and there but I am in the process of trying to figure out a system for this, as she knows most common words and phrases, so I think we are going to go to a higher level on this one and learn it together. I also have a bunch of Spanish DVDs from when KM was little that we are going to be using with SC so that will work for reviewing to start with. I have heard wonderful things about the LiveMocha site so I am going to be looking into that some more as well.

As I am totally new to ALL this... if anyone has any advice or recommendations on anything here it would be GREATLY appreciated!

Good Luck with your own planning!

Apr 14, 2008

Fairy Contest!!!

Thanks so much to "Life With Us" for bringing this contest to my attention!

This is a great idea for a writing project!

There are also some cool video clips, print outs and activities for
the Disney Fairies on this site as well!
Here is the link for the official Disney Fairies site:
Have a day filled with Fairies!!!
Enjoy & Good Luck to all who enter!

Apr 13, 2008

Sleepy Afternoon!

We awoke to sunshine pouring through every window! It was warm and sunny out so KM decided to go out and play. She came in for lunch and after bringing her plate to the sink, sat down to watch me bake, for some reason she just wanted to watch this afternoon...

Guess this was why! I swear she wasn't sitting there two minutes and she was out cold! I decided to take the picture because I have literally hundreds of pictures of her sleeping when she was little, mostly because she would fall asleep in the most absurd spots, times and postitions. When she is tired there is no keeping her awake, but since the sun went in and it started to rain I thought what better way to enjoy a dreary afternoon!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Apr 12, 2008

Veggie Conundrum

OK I haven't said much about the plants lately, but they continue to take over!

We are currently at two large buffet tables..

and had to move the herbs, tomato bucket and onions to the floor under the table!

Oh yeah and we have strawberries growing in a basket from the ceiling!

Every time I think we are in the clear with the weather we get another cold blast,

this can't go on much longer!

Anyway this morning we awoke to a conundrum, KM came rushing in my room to report that the cauliflowers were dying!

Don't know why but for some reason it appears as though she may be right. About half of the cauliflower plants are wilting away. They are still pretty small for the most part compared to some of the other sprouts we have going, but they have all been getting the same treatment, water, as much sunlight as possible, rotation, and praise ~KM likes to chat them up quite often, she says it keeps there spirits high. Don't know what we are doing wrong. I have been told that cauliflower and brocolli can be difficult to get started, so maybe they are just testing us and we should be glad that there are any left still surviving!

Apr 11, 2008

A Wonderful Week In Review!

We had a very busy week and I apologize for not posting much, but her is a recap:


Math in the morning right after breakfast, then we headed out for the last "Monday Funday" class until the fall! KM really enjoyed the music class she took. She diligently practiced her recorder and has gotten pretty good at it! I feel so lucky to have found this wonderful group of families to be involved with!

In the afternoon we trekked to the indoor gym to spend the afternoon with DD and SR since she had a half-day from school! We were SOOOOO exhausted (DD and I that is), but we had some really good laughs and the kids had fun.

Then we headed home to pack the car and get ready for 2 field trips on Tuesday!


We spent the day on 2 field trips that were organized by the FRC!

In the morning we went to the Orchard House where we were taken back in time to meet Louisa May Alcott's family! KM really enjoyed the layout of this tour. They split the kids up into three groups and then they went through stations. For the first station we went into the study and played a very interesting board game. At the second station the kids got to collaborate on a story. The third station was KM's favorite. The kids each got a bag with an object in it. They were not allowed to look into the bag but had to feel the object and try to draw what they thought it was. The kids all did a really good job! (there are no pics as we were not allowed to use cameras in the orchard house) ~ I also learned something that made me love Louisa May Alcott even more - she was a pioneer in American fantasy fiction. Of course I had to get the collection of her fairy tales and fantasy stories! Can't wait to read it with KM & SC!!!

In the afternoon we went to Walden Pond where we had a picnic and went on a guided tour to learn about Henry David Thoreau. The guide there was incredible! He did a great job engaging the children and keeping their attentions. He was also very patient with there questions and was honest when he didn't know the answer to one question.

KM with her friend and the life sized statue of Thoreau! She was amazed that such a "studious" man was so short~
As we walked along the path the erosion was at eye level and was making such intriguing shots!

The day was perfectly clear and just the right breeze ~ the only down side were the SWARMS of midges!

On the ride home KM began complaining about her feet hurting, so I decided to stop at Olympia Sports. We are going to be doing weekly hikes and I couldn't remember when she had gotten a new pair last so I figured we should have her measured. Well come to find out the sneakers she was wearing were a size and a half too small!!! How was I suppose to know! The girl at the store said that so many kids come in and are in a totally different size then their parents thought they were. Anyway of course she is in the funny size ~ 4 in girls, but 6 in womans ~ and they don't have ANYTHING in this size! Luckily Kohl's was right next door, so we go in there and take a look around. It took us nearly an hour to find a pair that she liked that they had in her size. Isn't that always the way. The size you need is the same as everyone else that week!


We had a busy day of recouping from field trip prep! Lots of chores to be done ~ baking, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, pretty much everything - but it was so nice out!

KM did her math, it was funny because she was thinking that since she didn't do work on Tuesday she was going to have double to do - she didn't realize I planned around it!

We got an unexpected visit from MC and SC, what a great distraction they are sometimes! SC is always so confused when her mom brings her over as her dad is the one who drops her off in the mornings. She watches MC constantly to see what is going on and where she is. So we ended up out in the sun with all the animals! Dogs chasing kids and cats chasing snakes! Yes, one of the cats caught a snake! Luckily I got him to drop it before it did any damage, KM was NOT happy with Oreo!

After SC and MC left we decided to bring the laptop outside to study the results of the French and Indian War! I love wireless!


It was SOOOOOO gorgeous out! We did math first thing to get it over with and get outside!

After lunch it was so warm out we decided to take our books outside and started reading Johnny Tremain while SC took a nap in the sun!

Off to Chorus and Yoga in the afternoon!


We started the day off with a slight problem KM wanted pancakes, SC wanted her bottle ~ so we compromised! KM gave her the bottle while I made the pancakes.

Science Unit Studies seem to be the way to go lately...she is not liking the "boring" time4learning science lessons. She likes everything else on that site, but for some reason doesn't like the science ones. I broke down and got the Efantasmic package and we are really liking it. It is unique I think because it covers so much and can be converted for the different age levels.

Lunch early and off to volunteer at the library! She really enjoys working with the librarian and helping the younger kids doing the crafts. SC loves the music in between the stories!

Quick trip to the health food store to grab some ear candles, we will be trying them this weekend and it will be interesting to see how they work!
Then we headed home to take a geometry test! She was very nervous, but she got a B+!
Well that was our wonderful week in review!
Did you do anything interesting this week?
I hope you at least got to enjoy the weather a bit!