Apr 12, 2008

Veggie Conundrum

OK I haven't said much about the plants lately, but they continue to take over!

We are currently at two large buffet tables..

and had to move the herbs, tomato bucket and onions to the floor under the table!

Oh yeah and we have strawberries growing in a basket from the ceiling!

Every time I think we are in the clear with the weather we get another cold blast,

this can't go on much longer!

Anyway this morning we awoke to a conundrum, KM came rushing in my room to report that the cauliflowers were dying!

Don't know why but for some reason it appears as though she may be right. About half of the cauliflower plants are wilting away. They are still pretty small for the most part compared to some of the other sprouts we have going, but they have all been getting the same treatment, water, as much sunlight as possible, rotation, and praise ~KM likes to chat them up quite often, she says it keeps there spirits high. Don't know what we are doing wrong. I have been told that cauliflower and brocolli can be difficult to get started, so maybe they are just testing us and we should be glad that there are any left still surviving!
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