Apr 11, 2008

A Wonderful Week In Review!

We had a very busy week and I apologize for not posting much, but her is a recap:


Math in the morning right after breakfast, then we headed out for the last "Monday Funday" class until the fall! KM really enjoyed the music class she took. She diligently practiced her recorder and has gotten pretty good at it! I feel so lucky to have found this wonderful group of families to be involved with!

In the afternoon we trekked to the indoor gym to spend the afternoon with DD and SR since she had a half-day from school! We were SOOOOO exhausted (DD and I that is), but we had some really good laughs and the kids had fun.

Then we headed home to pack the car and get ready for 2 field trips on Tuesday!


We spent the day on 2 field trips that were organized by the FRC!

In the morning we went to the Orchard House where we were taken back in time to meet Louisa May Alcott's family! KM really enjoyed the layout of this tour. They split the kids up into three groups and then they went through stations. For the first station we went into the study and played a very interesting board game. At the second station the kids got to collaborate on a story. The third station was KM's favorite. The kids each got a bag with an object in it. They were not allowed to look into the bag but had to feel the object and try to draw what they thought it was. The kids all did a really good job! (there are no pics as we were not allowed to use cameras in the orchard house) ~ I also learned something that made me love Louisa May Alcott even more - she was a pioneer in American fantasy fiction. Of course I had to get the collection of her fairy tales and fantasy stories! Can't wait to read it with KM & SC!!!

In the afternoon we went to Walden Pond where we had a picnic and went on a guided tour to learn about Henry David Thoreau. The guide there was incredible! He did a great job engaging the children and keeping their attentions. He was also very patient with there questions and was honest when he didn't know the answer to one question.

KM with her friend and the life sized statue of Thoreau! She was amazed that such a "studious" man was so short~
As we walked along the path the erosion was at eye level and was making such intriguing shots!

The day was perfectly clear and just the right breeze ~ the only down side were the SWARMS of midges!

On the ride home KM began complaining about her feet hurting, so I decided to stop at Olympia Sports. We are going to be doing weekly hikes and I couldn't remember when she had gotten a new pair last so I figured we should have her measured. Well come to find out the sneakers she was wearing were a size and a half too small!!! How was I suppose to know! The girl at the store said that so many kids come in and are in a totally different size then their parents thought they were. Anyway of course she is in the funny size ~ 4 in girls, but 6 in womans ~ and they don't have ANYTHING in this size! Luckily Kohl's was right next door, so we go in there and take a look around. It took us nearly an hour to find a pair that she liked that they had in her size. Isn't that always the way. The size you need is the same as everyone else that week!


We had a busy day of recouping from field trip prep! Lots of chores to be done ~ baking, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, pretty much everything - but it was so nice out!

KM did her math, it was funny because she was thinking that since she didn't do work on Tuesday she was going to have double to do - she didn't realize I planned around it!

We got an unexpected visit from MC and SC, what a great distraction they are sometimes! SC is always so confused when her mom brings her over as her dad is the one who drops her off in the mornings. She watches MC constantly to see what is going on and where she is. So we ended up out in the sun with all the animals! Dogs chasing kids and cats chasing snakes! Yes, one of the cats caught a snake! Luckily I got him to drop it before it did any damage, KM was NOT happy with Oreo!

After SC and MC left we decided to bring the laptop outside to study the results of the French and Indian War! I love wireless!


It was SOOOOOO gorgeous out! We did math first thing to get it over with and get outside!

After lunch it was so warm out we decided to take our books outside and started reading Johnny Tremain while SC took a nap in the sun!

Off to Chorus and Yoga in the afternoon!


We started the day off with a slight problem KM wanted pancakes, SC wanted her bottle ~ so we compromised! KM gave her the bottle while I made the pancakes.

Science Unit Studies seem to be the way to go lately...she is not liking the "boring" time4learning science lessons. She likes everything else on that site, but for some reason doesn't like the science ones. I broke down and got the Efantasmic package and we are really liking it. It is unique I think because it covers so much and can be converted for the different age levels.

Lunch early and off to volunteer at the library! She really enjoys working with the librarian and helping the younger kids doing the crafts. SC loves the music in between the stories!

Quick trip to the health food store to grab some ear candles, we will be trying them this weekend and it will be interesting to see how they work!
Then we headed home to take a geometry test! She was very nervous, but she got a B+!
Well that was our wonderful week in review!
Did you do anything interesting this week?
I hope you at least got to enjoy the weather a bit!

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