Apr 30, 2008

Funtastic Day In Boston!

We headed back into town again today to the circus!

* I first want to say that the following pics are not spectacular - mostly because of the lighting - I took 80 pics total and these were the only ones that I could even tell what they were. They get the lights just right so that you can't get too much details in your shots, if any at all.

We have been to many shows on vacation, but KM had never been to an actual circus before.
I am so glad that we waited to see the Big Apple Circus!
Over the last 2 weeks we had gone over the study guide that the circus provided to learn about the history behind the circus - which totally enhanced our experience. Through the show she kept saying - "Remember we read about that" - "That part was just like in the book" - "They are so classical" - It was fantastic!!!

The Clowns were hysterical -

Gramma was KMs favorite clown of course!

The horses were so beautiful and quick! We thought for sure they were going to run right out of the ring. KM couldn't believe they could be trained so well.

The mini-horse was so funny - they just look odd!

The rope walker was incredible -

When he was handed the unicycle I thought for sure he was going to fall!

The acrobats were my favorite!
In case you can't tell what is going on in these pics here is the low down:
1. One man is on stilts balancing on a bar held by two other men while the first man is also balancing a chair atop a pole.

2. A fourth man is catapulted into the air, flipping along the way ~ you can see the blur of him just above the chair
3. He lands perfectly in the chair - we were all holding our breath!

This really was an incredible show!

We then went over to a restaurant where I knew KM would fit in perfectly!
Dick's Last Resort!

She was much more tolerant of the waiter than I thought ~ she even went back and forth with him a few times -he remarked that she should come back to apply for a job there in a few years!

Across the way was a Build-a-Bear!
KM was so thrilled as she had never been to one that had the Sweethearts Dolls before!

It was terrific - we had the WHOLE store to ourselves!

We have been studying the pre-revolutionary period, so she was happy to see the statue of her favorite "Son of Liberty" Samuel Adams!

We had a wonderful day in Boston!

If you are thinking of attending the Big Apple Circus I highly recommend that you use the study guide they have located here: http://theorganization.bigapplecircus.org/About/StudyGuide/

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