Apr 19, 2008

Sooo Much To Do - So Much Got Done

You would think by all my blogs the last two days that I did nothing, but sit at the computer all weekend long!

But the reality is we really got a ton of stuff done!
  • cleaned back porch
  • cleaned front porch
  • switched all storms for screens
  • vacuumed all sills
  • vacuumed all rugs
  • swept the floors
  • managed to get SC to take a nap ~ yippee
  • raked the front flower beds
  • played with the neighbors kids
  • fixed the pop out door
  • KM took LOTS of Pics
  • Played catch ~ we used SC on her little rider toy ~ she had a blast!
  • played some video games in the sun
  • emptied the dishwasher twice
  • made some tough decisions about plants
  • listed stuff on freecycle
  • took down the CHRISTMAS lights ~ yes CJ is one of those guys, we actually have a bush out front that we can't take the net lights off of because he left them on there one year and the branches grew through it ~
  • total kitchen wash down
  • picked up dinner, milk and got gas ~ nearly had a heart attack at the pump $3.44
  • got to have dinner with CJ ~ can you believe it!!!
  • washed pots and pans
  • made grocery list for the monthly trip ~ debating on doing delivery again with the ridiculous gas prices it may end up being cheaper
  • swapped winter clothes for summer clothes
  • watched "Becoming Jane" - it is one of my new favorites!
  • thoroughly cleaned ALL coffee maker parts ~ we have one of those "grind right before it brews it" makers and you have to take 90 different pieces apart to get all the grinds out
  • discussed a multitude of earth day issues and had some great ideas for the upcoming Environmental Club Meet & Greet ~ more about that later
  • helped difuse a hostile situation
  • calmed a rather distressed father on the phone ~ won't go into that now either
  • listed more stuff on freecycle
  • talked with one of my dearest pals ~ hoping she is feeling better
  • trip to the hardware store to hopefully revive some cauliflower and rescue some eggplants
  • seeded some new plants
  • got lesson plans together for the week
  • got the PLANTS OUTSIDE!!!
  • spoke with DD - she is wonderful!!!
  • baked lots of goodies for the week
  • repacked cooler and got lunches ready for tomorrow's hike

Sometimes it is good to really see what you have accomplished!

*I just wanted to note that I started this list on saturday afternoon and finished the post on sunday - I CANNOT BELIEVE that we really got all that done in two days - I often look around and wonder what did I do all weekend? So I decided to track what I was doing and really see what I got done. Try it sometime it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment - even more than crossing things of the list. - Now imagine what i could have gotten done if I hadn't stopped every once in a while to track what I was doing - hmmm!

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