Apr 3, 2008


So it has been nearly a month since KM was taken off of all her asthma and allergy medications by her specialist.I had asked him to reevaluate her since she was showing no symptoms at all since she was taken out of PS. He is such a great doctor, he called today to check in and see if she was doing alright and still not on any medications. She has continued to show no signs of even the slightest sniffle! Yippee!!!
He said he wasn't surprised and had been seeing more and more children that appear to be allergic to the strong cleaning chemicals used in most households, daycares and schools. I had been questioning for a while what the cause of her asthma could be. KM was diagnosed at 3 after a very difficult winter of three bouts of bronchitis and two cases of pneumonia. KM nursed til she was 2 1/2 and had never even had a cold! Just before she turned 3 she had started preschool and it was all down hill from there. She had all sorts of testing done and they had said she was allergic to a wide array of weeds, molds, dusts and pollens. I was adamant with her doctors that I only wanted her on medications that she HAD to be on. So every so often we would try to ween her off different ones. The thing that really confused me was that most people with allergies have it the worst in the spring and summer when all the trees are pollinating and blooming, however KM would go off her medications in late May and would not need anything including her emergency inhaler all summer. Usually near the end of September, early October she would start to get sniffly and we would get her right back on her meds to avoid any real problems with bronchitis again. I never understood how this could be caused by seasonal allergies when she didn't have the symptoms at the peak season.
A light went off this winter. KM was sick one time before she was taken out of school and then wasn't the least bit stuffy for the rest of the winter. We use almost all organic cleaners, except for laundry, dish and dishwasher detergent. So I asked the doctor if he thought it could have anything to do with the cleaners. He said she was a prime example of what a lot of respitory specialists are beginning to notice more and more. There is no test to prove that this is the case as who wants to be tested to check if you are allergic to breathing in bleach or other harmful chemicals. However the pattern is the same in all these kids, they started to get sick in mid-fall when the teachers start closing the windows in the classrooms and using more and more disinfectants to prevent the spread of germs and illness. They are on meds and/or dealing with severe illnesses all winter and through the start of spring, until it gets warm enough to open those windows again and let the fresh air in. Seems a bit coincidental to me!
It is one less thing to drive me crazy though - having to remember to have her take the meds, calling in refills in time, but not too early and remembering to pick them up and the thought of putting all those chemicals in to KM. I am also wondering if this is part of the change in her attitude and attention span that I have seen as well.
Just thought I would spread a bit of awareness and share a happy triumph!
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