Apr 6, 2008

I do, I do, I do believe in fairies!!!!

This afternoon was filled with Fairies!

We read a story about Fairy Lantern and then built some:

Created KM her own little Fairy Haven :

And made some real Fairy-size creations:

We LOVE Shrinky-Dinks!

I don't know what it is about fairies, but I love them! Really nearly everything about them! KM has decided that she is going to use her other shrinky-dink paper and make all sorts of things to go in the fairy lanterns...you see Tink would not be happy if she did not have a pot to fix! I am so happy that she has found her imagination again. I was starting to wonder if it had gone forever, but since she has been home more she has had time to find it again. She really "plays" with her toys, we even had to go get clothes for one of her dolls a few weeks ago because she had decided last fall that she wasn't going to play with them anymore. It had made me very sad to think that she really felt that way, but she did and we donated A LOT of stuff to a local shelter. I am so glad to have her playing and still getting to be a kid.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Feel free to share anything you may have done or link to your blog!!!

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