Jun 29, 2009

Visit to the allergist...

YIPPPPEEEE it was the last one!

For those of you have been around here a while you may remember some of my rants and raves about KM's allergies and asthma issues. Well we went to see her wonderful specialist today, and though he has been a wonderful physician, I am very happy to say we don't have to go back unless there is a serious issue that arises! The doctor said that he has been seeing this same thing more and more - children having serious adverse reactions to household chemicals and once those chemicals are removed - poof the asthma is gone! Just another wonderful reason to homeschool!

Jun 25, 2009

Science Thursday - Molecules and Microbes

We are suppose to still be on break this week and next, but it has been so rainy and cold that we decided to work on some of our projects that we had planned for later in the summer, so that once the warm days do finally come we can just hang out and enjoy them!

KM wanted to do LOTS of science this summer, meaning experiments and kits that we had collected throughout the year and just hadn't gotten to them yet, so we started this week and boy did we get a lot done!!!

First we started with our Pop-Bottle Science kit - now I have seen a lot of various styles of this kit and really if I hadn't found it on clearance I probably would have just purchased a book or searched websites as the experiments are simple, but great and we had everything else that came in the kit at the house already.

Alright so I don't want to risk any copyright issues, but if you see anything you want to know more about feel free to ask in comment or email! We did the first chapter which was called Mysterious Molecules and focused on the structure of air & water and its various states and properties.

Paper Magic - can paper stay dry in water?

the trick is to keep the bottle vertical -

then we made a lava lamp...

then we inflated and deflated a balloon with science -

Finally we made underwater fireworks -

We also started doing some work in the book we are using as a summer review -Homework Survival Guide - Science and Usborne Kid Kit Science Experiments - and made Microbes Work -

Jun 23, 2009

Yet another rainy morning...

We painted some toes...
and hunted around...

choo-choo tracks were wavy...

then crooked...

and then round...
Then they colored for a while.

We are REALLY getting sick of the rain, we are going to try to get outside this afternoon if it clears off at all! It wouldn't be so bad if it was just a little bit warmer. Hope those of you in this neck of the woods are holding up alright - WE HAVE JUST HAD ENOUGH!

Jun 22, 2009

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!

So if you live anywhere in the New England area I am sure you will be right there with me on this sentiment! I just want to see the SUN!!! We have still been able to do a lot of outdoor activities as it had been warm up until yesterday. Now it is just COLD, RAW, WINDY weather!

We have been on break for the past week, but of course that just means that we have no official lesson plan. We have however still been learning lots and we have been focusing on our local nature study and our fascination with astronomy. So here are a list of new resources that I have come across in the last week or so...

Nature Study -

Advanced Astronomy Study -
If you have any resources to recommend - please do!!!
We are always looking for more ideas and fun!

Jun 15, 2009


SC turns 2 today and the time has just flown by!!!
This picture really just captures her energy
~ as she never stops running!

Jun 10, 2009

Is that a hat...

or a ziggurat?

actually it is a K-nex step pyramid, but since we were studying Mesopotamia last week, she thought it would be better if we said it was a ziggurat!
I have to say that I did not pay full price for this K-nex set, but totally would have! If you ever see it on sale anywhere I highly recommend getting it for ANYONE that you think may enjoy it. It has offered more options and entertainment than I ever could have imagined!

Jun 9, 2009

Just thinking...

about the label/tags that I have been working on. Don't know if anyone has noticed, but I have started adding tags to the posts so that they are easier to find. I was thinking about all the different things that get covered and the one that was sticking in my head was "reasons to homeschool". I truly think that every single post could be listed with this tag, as each day I find another interesting thing that we might not ~probably wouldn't have and/or totally didn't ~ had time for if KM were still in public school. For instance all the posts that are labeled cousins - she would never have even a 1/5 of the time that she has had with her youngest cousins. The bond that has formed between her and SC never would have grown into this incredible connection that they are fortunate enough to have. All the science experiments that we have done never would have even been thought about. KM's public school friends are always complaining about how they never actually get to do science. They read from the textbook and sometimes have to write a report on something, but they never get to put anything into practice. All the great hikes, field trips and other outings would never have been done - we would have spent every afternoon trying to get homework done.

As I am sitting here typing this out KM is completing the last test of her "6th grade" year. She is sucking on a jolly rancher, drinking a glass of milk, the radio is softly playing in the background and she is calculating math problems. There is no timer, there is no rigid quietness, there is no #2 pencil - in fact she is using her favorite pencil that is covered in jungle animals.

All of the things that have gone on over the last 18 months are reasons to homeschool. Even the frustrations that pop up end in a much brighter light, because you have learned something about your child, your family or even yourself for that matter. There is no one else to blame or hide behind. It is your family, working on it's own schedule, in the way that best suits your own rhythms, desires, and passions!

As this wonderful section of our journey comes to an end and our first FULL year of homeschooling comes to a close, I would like to thank all those people who have helped my family get to this point. Many of you may not even realize how your small comments, awesome blog posts or fantastic ideas have inspired us to reach for new heights and opened our eyes to the wonderful world that we were allowing to just pass us by!

Jun 8, 2009

New Study/Playroom

We had planned on doing this project more towards the end of the summer, but none of us could wait! We swapped KM's bedroom and playrooms around. Here is how our New Study/Playroom is laid out...

SC tried it out the other day and I got the feeling that she approved! She spent nearly 45 minutes in playing all by herself with Play-doh! I couldn't believe it! She is never more than 5 feet from any one of us, but she was totally enthralled with that play-doh. Guess that would be a great gift for her birthday next week!

Jun 7, 2009

Human Body Study - Completed

We have finally completed our Human Body Study and KM has completed her exhibit...

All pics taken by KM ~ She did a fabulous job on this study! I was very impressed with her increased initiative and independence throughout this project!

Jun 5, 2009

She has arrived...

and couldn't be more beautiful!
My newest niece~GM!
Another girl to the bunch!
Both mom and baby are doing wonderfully!

Jun 4, 2009

May be quiet for a bit...

as we are winding down things around here and we will be taking a three week break from book lessons. Of course I am sure that we will still be doing lots of educational things that I can post, but with the new little one coming - NOT ME!!!, but my sister MC's of course - things will be a bit hectic to write posts. I will post pics for sure though as the wee one will be here tomorrow!

In the meantime enjoy the weather and have some outdoor science fun with these links -

Also be sure to check out the GCK Nature Photo Journal as KM will be posting there as well!

Jun 3, 2009

Newest Addition -

KM spotted this Venus Fly Trap at the science museum during our last trip and had just enough money to get it. It is her way of getting back at her archenemies - spiders. She has been spending all her free time looking up information on the companies website.