Jun 25, 2009

Science Thursday - Molecules and Microbes

We are suppose to still be on break this week and next, but it has been so rainy and cold that we decided to work on some of our projects that we had planned for later in the summer, so that once the warm days do finally come we can just hang out and enjoy them!

KM wanted to do LOTS of science this summer, meaning experiments and kits that we had collected throughout the year and just hadn't gotten to them yet, so we started this week and boy did we get a lot done!!!

First we started with our Pop-Bottle Science kit - now I have seen a lot of various styles of this kit and really if I hadn't found it on clearance I probably would have just purchased a book or searched websites as the experiments are simple, but great and we had everything else that came in the kit at the house already.

Alright so I don't want to risk any copyright issues, but if you see anything you want to know more about feel free to ask in comment or email! We did the first chapter which was called Mysterious Molecules and focused on the structure of air & water and its various states and properties.

Paper Magic - can paper stay dry in water?

the trick is to keep the bottle vertical -

then we made a lava lamp...

then we inflated and deflated a balloon with science -

Finally we made underwater fireworks -

We also started doing some work in the book we are using as a summer review -Homework Survival Guide - Science and Usborne Kid Kit Science Experiments - and made Microbes Work -

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