Jun 9, 2009

Just thinking...

about the label/tags that I have been working on. Don't know if anyone has noticed, but I have started adding tags to the posts so that they are easier to find. I was thinking about all the different things that get covered and the one that was sticking in my head was "reasons to homeschool". I truly think that every single post could be listed with this tag, as each day I find another interesting thing that we might not ~probably wouldn't have and/or totally didn't ~ had time for if KM were still in public school. For instance all the posts that are labeled cousins - she would never have even a 1/5 of the time that she has had with her youngest cousins. The bond that has formed between her and SC never would have grown into this incredible connection that they are fortunate enough to have. All the science experiments that we have done never would have even been thought about. KM's public school friends are always complaining about how they never actually get to do science. They read from the textbook and sometimes have to write a report on something, but they never get to put anything into practice. All the great hikes, field trips and other outings would never have been done - we would have spent every afternoon trying to get homework done.

As I am sitting here typing this out KM is completing the last test of her "6th grade" year. She is sucking on a jolly rancher, drinking a glass of milk, the radio is softly playing in the background and she is calculating math problems. There is no timer, there is no rigid quietness, there is no #2 pencil - in fact she is using her favorite pencil that is covered in jungle animals.

All of the things that have gone on over the last 18 months are reasons to homeschool. Even the frustrations that pop up end in a much brighter light, because you have learned something about your child, your family or even yourself for that matter. There is no one else to blame or hide behind. It is your family, working on it's own schedule, in the way that best suits your own rhythms, desires, and passions!

As this wonderful section of our journey comes to an end and our first FULL year of homeschooling comes to a close, I would like to thank all those people who have helped my family get to this point. Many of you may not even realize how your small comments, awesome blog posts or fantastic ideas have inspired us to reach for new heights and opened our eyes to the wonderful world that we were allowing to just pass us by!
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