Apr 23, 2009

Talk like...

and say Happy Birthday to him while you are at it!!

Today would have been Shakespeare's 445th Birthday and Chicago Shakespeare's Theater is encouraging everyone to Talk like Shakespeare! They have some great links and downloadable files that can get you started.

We went to the library last night and scrambled together some HBO animated videos including The Tempest and The Twelfth Night. We also grabbed some books on Shakespeare's life and his work at the Globe Theater.

I also thought it would be the perfect day to unveil some of the photos from KM's debut performance as Hermia in Midsummer's Night Dream -

Here she is in the garden scene calling Lysander.
Here she is telling her secret to Helena.

Here she is awakening in the garden.
Here is she is in the fairy forest after the perfomance..

and again with SR.

They did such a wonderful job that the museum has asked them to do a benefit performance to raise funds and of course the kids are so grateful to be able to give back to such a wonderful and generous organization!

I shalt give thine an update on our progress in our Shakespearean endeavors no later than morrow!
Fare ye well!
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