Apr 1, 2009

Prehistoric Study - Final Exam

We went to the Museum of Science in Boston today to do a "final exam" for our prehistoric and evolution unit!
We observed the Tamarins for quite a while and discovered that the female was predominately left handed while her father was right handed! We also learned they really like the light fixtures at the top of the trees for some reason!

We guessed and made faces to match the chimpanzees!

KM was amazed to discover how genetically similar we are to mice!

She did a fantastic job identifying the skulls and remembering facts from the Ape to Man History Channel feature that we watched on Netflix.
She matched all the skulls up correctly in order as well!

Then we sat and watched the chickens for a while - we have never seen one pop out before cause this exhibit is usually swarming and we don't have the patience, but we just happened to pick the right time and there were 4 little ones trying to get out!

We then headed over to the fish tank - again at JUST the right time to have the whole place to ourselves!!! We both made fish, but neither of them lasted for more than a minute before they were gobbled up by the big meanies!

Finally we ended our "final exam" in the dinosaur exhibit where we examined lots of different fossils and played a few more interesting games. We didn't take any pics in this area cause my batteries died and I forgot to recharge the second set ----oopsie!

All and all it was a really good day!
KM said it was the best "test" she has every taken!
Whoever said tests aren't fun -
just needs to meet more homeschoolers!
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