Jul 7, 2013

There is a strangeness...

in sitting across the table from your daughter who is jamming out to songs that you would have been jamming out to at 15. At this age when she is coming into her own and expressing her true individuality it is quite an interesting mix. She enjoys reading as much as I do, horror movies as much as CJ, and has an unexplainable love of ALL things Japanese - even sushi!

There are many similarities between the two of us and I often see her doing or saying things that make me think "she is SO my daughter." Of course I also have moments when I look at her and see a very obvious CJ expression across her face or hear his words coming off her lips, but it is more than a little eery staring into some sort of weird retro twisted universal mirror that makes you realize just how quickly this precious time is passing. We need to remember to cherish this time and be more than a little thankful that we are blessed with such an incredible person in our lives!
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