Jun 28, 2013

Societal Development - Some interesting thoughts!

Before you read on please take a look at - Artificial Anarchy: Is Government Organic?
Now for those who may not have caught on, I was the one mentioned in the post who had brought up the idea that maybe they are just recreating their environment. I don't often get into political ideas here, but this is one that I find rather perplexing and my train of thought is below -

While I agree that some sort of order or organization is completely within our human nature, I think the reason that my mind went in the direction of the children "recreating" the world around them was in how closely the "societies" that they are creating are aligned with our current system - i.e. currency, leadership, punishment etc.
It made me wonder more along the lines of - if our children's generation was not so exposed to our current government and how it works, would they be just as likely to create that same sort of government? Our system has evolved over centuries and if we could have the benefits of our technologies and other advancements - societal, psychological, etc - but removed from the control of the government, would they still create that same sort of scenario?
Think of it this way - I remember playing school with my friends as a kid and loving it! We would take turns being the teacher, we would give out assignments, read aloud to the class, give out homework and even having spelling tests. My friend's kids who have always been home educated don't do that. They see school as a negative thing, they feel sorry for the kids that have to enter the big bad yellow monster every day to get herded into classrooms.
Young people today are shocked and horrified to hear of discrimination and segregation, but I have clients' in their 90s who grew up with that as the norm and are often shocked to see how many minorities are on television. Our children would never allow things to revert back to the standards of that generation because their perceptions have not been corrupted into thinking that anyone's life is less valued based on the color of their skin.
Of course there is no way to prove this hypothetical societal development, but it does make me really question whether our government is worth saving ---- sort of like the school system.

I would love to hear what other's thoughts and opinions are on this topic.
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