Feb 13, 2008

Thank Heavens for Little Girls! 2-9-2008

Ok so I had SC today! I love, love, love her, but each day I have her reminds me why I only have one child!
She is an exceptionally good baby (almost 8 mo. old now), but I could never do it. Especially not if I were homeschooling. The days that she is here everything takes ten times as long. If KM is not distracting SC than SC is distracting KM! Honestly I have soooooo much respect for the mom’s with 3, 4, 5 kids. I actually work our schedule around so that KM has lighter work on the days SC is here so that I can give them both the attention that they deserve.
I know that part of the reason is that she is not here all the time, so it is a novelty for KM, but I really thought it would have worn off at least a little by now. I am glad that they get to bond together this much even though they are 10 years apart. I think it is good for the both of them. KM used to get soooo disappointed when she would get home from school and SC would have already been picked up for the day.
I think once SC is moving more independently and starts messing with KM’s things she will not be as found of her, but right now they adore each other. As soon as SC gets here she is wrenching around looking to see KM come around the corner to say good morning. It really is cute.
I know that Noni is very proud of her two little angels and watches over them at all times!
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