Feb 13, 2008

A sense of calm! 1-11-08

So it is a rather dreary morning here, as it is raining and twenty degrees colder than it was yesterday (that's New England for ya!!!) Normally I would already have had two fights with my daughter over what she wears based on the temperature change, one on her taking her medicine and one on the fact that we were running FIVE WHOLE MINUTES LATE!
~~~~However the scene right now at my house is this...I am sitting in my pajamas with a cup of coffee at the computer (obviously) and sitting across from me is my wonderful daughter, in her big fluffy polka dot bathrobe, eating her cereal and working on a puzzle magazine. ~~~~
I really think that the biggest changes I am seeing in our family is that we are running on our own clocks (for the most part) and with our bodies own rythmes. My daughter's whole attitude has changed over the last few weeks. Normally if I were to say that it would be in a negative way, but not this time. There hasn't been very much pouting, no whining, way less argumentativeness (if that is a word?), way more willingness to do chores around the house (sometimes on her own accord even!) and a general sense of happiness and calmness.
Now I am seriously hoping that I have not jinxed myself by actually sending out into the universe our new found sense of calmness, but I just wanted to share because I am really suprised at how quickly things have changed.
Hope everyone has at least a little sense of calm today in their own lives as well!
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