Feb 28, 2008

When did we lose our instincts?

I hope that in typing this I do not sound to cocky or pretentious as that is not my intention at all.

After speaking to my sister this afternoon in regards to SC's pediatrician appointment yesterday, I am baffled a bit. I remember reading books and hearing guidelines on when babies should be doing things, but KM always blew other babies out of the water. She was holding her head up literally the day after she was born, rolled over at 6 weeks, was sitting independently at 4.5 months, was RUNNING at 7 months, and was fully potty trained at 18 months. Not to brag or anything but all of those were early. SC is right on track without a doubt, but the thing that baffles me is how dependent most parents have become on what the doctor or book says their child should be doing. I honestly DO NOT remember being like this. Maybe it is because KM did things early that I never really thought about it from then on out because none of it pertained to her. I just wonder where in our evolution did we lose the natural instincts that we once had. Animals don't live by the book or wait til the vet tells them they can give their young solid foods, they just know. I did lose my instinctual way for a long time, beginning about when KM started preschool and was compared to other children on a daily basis, but I am trying to get back in touch with it now that she is home. When she was breastfeeding I never worried about how much she was getting, I knew that she was healthy because she was growing and thriving. Even when people said she was "skinny" I never questioned myself. I KNEW that she was healthy and for those of you who have seen her dad you know where the skinny comes from.

I really think that as a race we need to go with our gut more. As my favorite yoga instructor always says: "If something doesn't feel right today, don't do it." Why fight with your children to put on socks because the hardwood floor is cold? If they feel cold won't they put them on. Of course I am not saying that I am going to let my child run around outside in freezing weather in a tank top, but I think I am going to really TRY to let go a bit and let her make her own decisions with more things. I am going to choose my battles more wisely and try to ignore some of the bothersome traits that she has, these are the wonderful things that make her unique! I am going to try to provide her with an environment that allows her to trust her instincts and not become oblivious to them!
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