Feb 14, 2008

New Schedule

We have started a new schedule in the house and it seems to be working.

We gave up all time restraints and guidelines for the most part. KM kept getting so caught up on the times were suppose to do things, that she wouldn't focus or would just not give any kind of flexibility to anything. If she was suppose to get into the shower at 7 and she finished her reading at 6:52 instead of getting up and going to the shower, she would say I still have 8 minutes before I am suppose to get in the shower. Now we have 5 sessions of schoolwork during the day, breaks in between, and things that need to be done before or after other things. The breaks have estimated amounts of time like 15-20 minutes so that she doesn't get focused on it. So far it really seems to be working.

I know that it is not something that can be used constantly as there are days when we need to be somewhere at particular times, but we have never really had any kind of problem with that. I will keep you posted on how it goes in the long run.

By the by...crystal still in jar!
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