Feb 25, 2008

New Milestone!

I think we are catching a groove over here. This new schedule is working really well. I think I am also starting to find the balance in things. There are so many opportunities for learning that do not involve sitting down, writing, doing workbooks, reading text, but actually are invoked by questions. KM has been so much more open to finding out why something is or how it got to be that way, then I ever remember her being before.

She did her first book report on her own this weekend and for the first one did an excellent job! I also had the teacher "punch out" on Friday. I just simply said you read this book this week and I would like you to use the outline that we used last week to do a book report on your own over the weekend. I did not mention it at all. Saturday I did not see anything going on and I said well we will see tomorrow. I woke up Sunday morning, a bit late, to find my daughter sitting at her table in the playroom doing the outline. I nearly fell over! She has never just done school work. She likes it and has always been eager to learn when it is hands on, but for her to actually pick the sheet up and put a pencil to it, on her own is HUGE!!! She then finished the outline and asked if she could have a play date. I said sure, in the back of my mind wondering when is she thinking she is going to finish this, but said nothing about the actual writing of the report. She went and had a great time sledding at her friends house all afternoon. She came home, got cuddly in pajamas after being cold all day, had dinner and then went into her playroom. I assumed she would be on the computer playing games as I had heard her turn it on. Of course we know what assuming makes... I went in to check on her and there she was typing away.
Her book report was not perfect, but for the first one she has ever done on her own it really was exceptional. Just the fact that she completed it without being reminded 900 times is incredible to me!
Everyday something new happens that reaffirms my decision. Spending the one on one time in areas that she really needs is leading to a more independent learner in the areas that she can be. I am sooooo HAPPY we are homeschooling, for her and our family!

Hope everyone has a great day and has a chance to appreciate a choice that has been in your life!
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