Feb 13, 2008

OMG!!! 2-3-2008 Part 2

So I am calmer now than I was earlier, but I think I am even more frustrated with the school.
I really, really, really have tried to not bash the school that KM was attending, but this whole writing thing has driven me crazy today.
I have spent the last three hours trying to find a writing program to help as the curriculum that we I thought would work is just not going fit right now.
I have discovered something interesting.
I was adopted as an infant, but am in close contact with both my biomom’s and biodad's families. (see abbreviation entry for more info on this) I have a brother and sister both of which are two years younger than KM and a brother who is two years older than her. I bring this up because for the last few years I have heard how my three youngest siblings have been doing book reports all the time. KM has never done one…EVER. Not one.
So this evening in my search for the answer to my writing curriculum issues, I discovered that the majority of teachers, parents and homeschool educators all feel that kids learn how to develop their writing skills by doing BOOK REPORTS!!! Ok so now on top of everything else I am stumped at the fact that her school never did book reports. I have been mentioning this for months to both DD & LP and now it has come back to me.
SOOOOOO…we will be spending a good chunk of this week learning how to write a book report!
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