Mar 7, 2008

Between Seasons

I LOVE the winter! I know many of you think that I am INSANE for this, but I truly do!
However, for some reason this year, I am yearning to start my spring cleaning. I don't know if it is because there is just soooo much stuff piling up in spots - don't laugh it feels that way to me! -or because we have had such a great weather week. I had the kids outside on the swings and everything!
I know that if I put all the snow stuff away though we are gonna get hit with a whopper of a storm. That is what always happens! So I think I am gonna start out slowly this weekend by taking down all the snow flakes & penguins and putting up some more bright springy things. I am not going to put the scarves and gloves away yet, but I may start going through the clothes to see what is gonna remain for KM and what has been outgrown over the last few monthes. - FINGERS CROSSED not too much! - so that we can make a donation run at the beginning of next week. That should help with some of these piles and maybe give me a fix to get through before I can do the full blown, winds open, rugs on the back porch, animals banned from the house, furniture moving spring cleaning I feel needs to happen.
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