Mar 22, 2008


For a while now we have been collecting different egg cartons and small containers in preparation for our big planting, gardening and farming unit. It was suppose to be just a few plants, but when we went to get the seeds it was apparent by all the things KM wanted to grow we would be trying a small garden. When we got the things for the small garden home, we realized that is was going to be more along the lines of a small farm and CJ went and found some equipment on craig's list we needed for the "garden" - really an excuse to get some more tools around here!

We have been planting like crazy this week! We have a plant growth study journal going on and KM is recording everything!

It is taking over a section of the house & we haven't even gotten everything seeding yet.

We are using several different kinds of containers to see if this effects germination or growth.

I am not a planting person - if it doesn't make noises I tend to forget about it. However everyone has been telling me that all that we are doing will be worth it this summer when we have fresh veggies from the garden.

I think it was worth it just to hear KM's excited squeals when she saw the first sunflower popping up this morning 4 days before the estimated germination date!!!
My daughter is actually enjoying what a concept!!!


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