Mar 23, 2008

Emergency Transplant!!!

We got up this morning and had a leisurely breakfast, after KM had gotten her basket of goodies. Then CJ decided to check the little sprouts I was talking about yesterday and discovered that the plastic egg crates were just NOT going to work.

The roots of the seeds were wrapping themselves around the bottom and forcing the seeds to the top. Luckily I had over purchased - as I mentioned I have NO CLUE what I am doing - and bought a bunch of peat pots. So we had an "Emergency Transplant" session, which was really cool because while we were tenderly transplanting them a few really unique things happened.

First KM got to see a lot of different stages of the germination process as each seed had gotten a little further along.

Second, as we were diligently transplanting KM was making up conversations with the plants. She feels they will be much happier not being so isolated. Each had been in it's own little egg hole and now they were two by two in the peat pots.

Third and finally, she made a realization that everything in nature moves at its own pace. Although we planted each of these seeds in the same soil, at the same time, placed them in the same spot, and watered them all at the same time, they were all growing at different rates! (Hhmmmm some homeschool philosphy thrown in there.)

You may have noticed, when we switched to the peat pots, we had to switch to a larger table!!!
I know it will be worth it, it is not forever, I will get my reading corner back eventually!
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