Jul 28, 2008

Are we spoiled?

Disclaimer: for those of you who read this and aren't homeschoolers I truly apologize ahead of time and suggest that maybe you skip reading this entry. I would also like to reiterate the fact that we have only been homeschooling for 8 mo, so for those of you who are homeschoolers I believe you will truly understand what I mean by this...

KM and I took a trip into the Museum of Science today. I just got an annual membership a few weeks ago because she has always loved going and exploring this museum and with all the other benefits you get with a membership I managed to work it into our homeschool budget. So I planned this day in so that I could really look around and see how I could incorporate what they have with what we were planning on learning in science this year.

We started out -as always - in the math section. KM was a little bit disappointed as three of her favorite areas were down and needing repairs. In all the times we had gone to this museum we had never managed to see the whole Lightning Show presentation that they have so we decided to head in there early to make sure we got a clear view. We parked ourselves on the second level so that we could get a really good view of the lightning, but not too far away from the speaker. We had been sitting there for about 15 minutes waiting patiently for the show and when it started there was a sudden mad dash of people hovering in around us. This women with her three very young children shoved her way onto the end of the bench we were sitting on and her son kept poking KM who was trying very hard to listen to the description and be polite to the young boy at the same time. At the first crack of lightning all three of her kids let out these unbelievable ear piercing screeches, to the point the man running the show (a level below us mind you) said "and that is why we don't recommend having young children present!" Glad he said it cause I was thinking it. She took her children out of the room and we would have thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of the show if people hadn't kept pushing in around us. We were sitting on a bench with no back and I just don't understand how in those types of situations all respect of other's personal space is shoved out the window. The just keep inching forward and leaning in on you - it drives me CRAZY!

After the show we went and got lunch, checked out the live animal center where they have endangered and rescued animals, and then into the Science in the Park area - another of KM's favorites. In here the children were running everywhere, pushing and shoving, paying no attention to who was in line next just getting to where they wanted to go. I also noticed that there were quite a few attractions that were being repaired in this area as well. We then decided to go through my favorite area the butterfly exhibit, we got our tickets and while we waited for our time slot to come up we walked through and area I don't really remember ever seeing before...

This whole area had all different optical illusions and art pieces.

Maybe she will do her chores now?

This one showed how photography had developed through the ages. When you clicked the trigger it showed how differently images looked through the lens of cameras throughout their development.

Then it was time to go visit the butterflies...

These were some of the better pics of the day. I didn't get as many from the area as I usually do because we had to be ushered through because there were a few boys that were trying to "free" the butterflies.

As we were leaving this exhibit I asked KM where she wanted to head next and I was very surprised when she said, "Would you mind if we headed home?" Now it is not like we had just gotten there we were coming up close on our 4th hour in the Museum, but the surprising part was that I usually have to fight the "can we just look at this - I didn't get to look at that though" the whole way out of the museum, through the lobby and into the parking garage. When I asked her why she said - "I just really think we should come back in September." Out of the mouths of babes as they say & I must say I gladly agreed with her.

Museums are different places when Public/Private/Traditional/Whatever Schools are in session. If you are not a homeschooler and you don't believe me, keep your kids home for a "family field trip" one of these days and you will see what I mean! As I said in the beginning those of you who homeschool surely understand what I am talking about.

Please understand that it is not that I think that other people don't know how to behave in these situations or that they don't have a right to be there as that is not the case. I just think that we have been spoiled by being able to go to the museums, gardens, parks, movies, etc during "regular" school hours when there are not gobs and gobs of people attending. I also feel sorry for the children & parents for that matter, who are rushed through these exhibits and barely get a chance to really see what they are about because either someone else is waiting or they need to get through the entire museum in one day. I am glad that our family is fortunate enough to be able to really enjoy the museum at our own pace - at least 9 months out of the year we are anyway!

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