Jul 9, 2008

Summer Days - Homeschool Light!

I had planned on blogging about KM's latest work of art from her class today, but that plan got changed as this one is a two part project that has to be completed next week ~ and it is a secret - she swears she won't tell - I think I may get it out of her before next week though.

So instead I thought I would share what our day was like - lots of people have been asking "what does homeschool 'light' mean?" and today would be a great example of it.

KM got up this morning just as SC was arriving, so they ate breakfast and then we hurried out the door to her 9:30 art class (still don't know what I was thinking?!?). SC came back to the house and hung out for the hour playing peek-a-boo and trying to sort through some of her toys, collected the books & workbooks for the library and then went back to pick-up KM.

We then headed to the library where since the heat has been scorching and we have yet to succumb to bringing the AC's out I thought it would be a nice chance for KM to get some workbook work done in the cooler environment. I followed the waddling SC around as she gave speeches to everyone she saw and tried to track down every Elmo in the place - there are an alarming number of them there actually. KM finished up her workbooks rather quickly under the cooling conditions, - it was less than 20 minutes - choose a few books, videos and computer games, played with a few puzzles and puppets with SC and we headed home for lunch.

During lunch we watched the "Mommy Teach Me Spanish" DVD - it is a great refresher for some of the basic things for KM and she has the excuse of SC to fall back on if anyone asks why it is there and it drives my sister a little crazy that I am teaching my niece Spanish when she can't speak English yet, but hey it is never too early to start and by the time SC is 20 it will probably be government mandated that everyone speak it!

After lunch I took SC in for a nap and KM worked on a fact sheet about Aphrodite - we are building our own lapbook/unit study since we started reading the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by Rick Riordan - SUPERB read aloud I must say! - and then she emptied the dishwasher.

Just as KM was finished with the dishwasher - literally 24 minutes after she fell asleep, as she still barely sleeps for me - SC popped her head up and said "Hi" - the one and only true English word that she can say! She was all hot and clammy, but I didn't really feel like going in the pool - then it hit me ~~

We hadn't shown SC the Slip & Slide yet!!!

Here she is proclaiming the rules of the Slip & Slide! This is what she does - sticks her hand out and chatters and chatters and chatters!

And she is DOWN!!!

She is ready to hit the waves dude!

KM tried to explain to SC how to do it but,

She really seemed to prefer the wave pool!!!

Shortly after that MC came and picked up SC and KM dove into the big pool! I decided to head in with her and we played basketball with this mini-hoop set that we got at the dollar store last week! Of course it is smaller than KM thought, but what can you expect for a $1?

It was 4:30pm and still 93 out so CJ decided to pick up subs for dinner - yippee no grilling!! After dinner KM checked the recycle bin and dumped the compost bucket, while I finished picking up SC's toys and vacuuming. CJ headed back out to do a side job and KM and I finished reading "The Lightning Thief".

KM is now playing "My Sims" on the Wii as I sit here trying to blog as she asks which outfit looks better?

So this is "homeschool light" in our world - doing a little work each day during the summer will give us the opportunity to have more down and play time during the PS "school" year when we can go places without lines or crowds. - Do you homeschool in the summer? Full on or light?

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