Jul 25, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Noni's passing - it seems like yesterday really. I don't know how 2 years has gone by in such a blink. I think this year we are all feeling it more as their is less chaos around. Last summer SC was born and we were planning MC's wedding so although we missed her terribly there was too much to get done to leave any time to process feelings.

MC's & my relationship has become stronger through these two years without a doubt. There have always been times when we want to maim one another, but hey doesn't that happen with all sisters. Our mother was our rock in everything that we did. She had most of the answers and when she didn't she knew the words to say to help you figure it out on your own. There were those times of course when the answers that she gave were not the ones that we wanted to hear, but they were always the ones we needed.

Noni loved her grandkids more than anything in the world. She would have done anything for them. She always said that since she couldn't have children herself that the greatest gift that she ever received was being able to see KM be born. They had such an incredible bond with one another. I am so glad that I was able to share that with her. I truly believe that she is watching over SC every day. There are times that I wonder if SC is talking to her as well because every so often she looks up toward the ceiling with this concentrating look on her face and babbles away. I hope that she is.

So MC & I are heading off to the cemetery this morning with the girls and then to have lunch with some of our Great Aunts & Uncles. The torrential rain has finally cleared so we are hoping that Noni will make sure the humidity stays down as well. In memory of Noni I thought I would post the poem that was printed on her prayer cards:

Mother, A Light
A light is from our household gone,
a voice we loved is still,
a place is vacant in our home,
that never can be filled.
You can only have one mother,
patient, kind and true,
no other friend in all the world,
will be the same to you.
When other friends forsake you,
to mother you will return,
for all her loving kindness,
she asks nothing in return.
As we look upon her picture,
sweet memories we recall,
of a face so full of sunshine,
and a smile for one and all.
Sweet Jesus take our message,
to our dear mother up above,
tell her how we miss her,
and give her all our love.
May She Rest in Peace.

Added later in the day:

We stopped and got some flowers and KM wanted me to take some pictures of all the pretty things we had added. This was also the first time that SC was awake at the cemetery, so I got some cute pics of her helping...

We added the flowers in the front and KM brought a small vase that you can just barely see that had Noni's favorite flowers from our yard in it.

SC wants to be just like her mommy, so when MC put the shovel down and stepped away for a second SC was there to try the shovel work too.

After watching me and KM make several trips to the water spicket with the Dunkin Donuts cup ~~of course we forgot the watering can, but at least we remembered the shovel this time~~ SC decided she would go over and try to get the spicket to work as well...luckily it was too hard for her to turn.

After the cemetery we had a wonderful lunch with our favorite Great Aunt! She is the most wonderful women in the world. Then we headed to the next house over to see my favorite Uncle. KM and I went wandering through his garden and he sent us home with enough veggies for a week. It was a good swap though because the only thing he didn't grow this year was lettuce - the one thing I have TONS of since the torrential rainstorms knocked mine over. It was a very very nice afternoon!!!
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