Jul 21, 2008

Rainy Day FUN!!

One of the things that Noni was ALWAYS known for was letting the kids do things that their parents generally would not be too keen on them doing - Mud puddles was always a big one. So today when it was 90 out and it started to rain and KM asked if she could go out in the rain I said

"Why Not?"

I grabbed the baby, a ball and the hippo and out we went to play in the wonderful summer rain!
Although I was not brave enough yet to let the baby go crazy in the mud - I must ease into that one I think!!! - I did let her get absolutely soaked, stomp in puddles and push her self around on her hippo!

SC was not too sure exactly what we were doing out there when it was downpouring at first, but after a few minutes she really started getting into it and when it got too much for her she figured out that she could go across the stones to the dry porch and take a break for a second!

We had a wonderful, refreshing, cool afternoon in the rain!!!
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