Jul 14, 2008

Slowing Down

Things have been quiet around here lately - KNOCK ON WOOD! Not too much going on, so I have been kinda quiet on my blog as well! It does not get like this very often and therefore I feel that I must treasure it even more! We have been reading a lot!

I have caught up on lots of magazine reading - I have a tendency to mark off articles when the magazine arrives that I HAVE to read and then take months to get to them! I have Yoga Journals going back to March that I have barely looked at!

I am halfway through Remember Me? by my favorite contemporary author - Sophie Kinsella! Every story she has ever had published ROCKS!!! They are just really feel good, make you chuckle, real life funny kinda stories. I have trouble with these books because I tend to not want to put them down. I have to really set aside time to read them when I can enjoy them, so that time tends to be during the summer. Sit by the pool while the kids are going crazy and read.

KM & I are waiting for Sea Monsters by Rick Riordan (Book 2 in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series) to arrive so that we can continue reading this awesome series. It is amazing how it has sparked this HUGE interest in greek mythology for KM - so much so that I have been thinking about restructuring our history plans for the fall. I am thinking of focusing on the ancient civilizations and the different religions, stories, myths and such from each time period and how people would react to them today. There is a lot out there and I think this would be a good point to start ancient civilizations with as it was such a huge part of every aspect of their lives.

This leads me to think about how I am starting to grasp the concept of unschooling and child-led learning more. I am not ready to go there at this point, but I do want to focus on what KM is actually interested in for Science, Social Studies & Reading. I want to tailor the learning and subjects that get covered within these broad areas to increase her interest, willingness and drive to want to learn! She is starting to get back the understanding that she used to have that learning is not a punishment - it is a privilege that needs to be appreciated.
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