Jul 16, 2008

Summer Art Class Week 3

This is KM's 2nd completed project from her Summer "Be Creative" art class. If you can't tell these are sandals made from newspaper and some ropes. KM has been trying to be as ecofriendly as she possibly can, so she was very excited about recycling newspaper for this project!
As you can see though it is a rather simple project - newspaper, tape, twine, a little bit of glue and scissors is all that is needed, It actually took them two classes to complete it because of the folding of the paper. "It had to be folded just right, you see..." she explained when I asked how they had made it!

So although I wouldn't recommend wearing them to the beach, the pool or in the rain...these are a pretty cool recycling project to stomp around the house in and the kids had a great time creating them!

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