May 19, 2008

There is always a reason!

OK so I know that I had been complaining about the TeachingTextbook site being down on Saturday, well Sunday it was still down! I was so frustrated because I really just want to have all the curriculum for the fall decided on and purchased so that I don't really have to think about it until August! I feel like I have spent the last 5 months doing nothing but scouring the net and questioning people about what is the best for this subject or that as there is no way that I could just use a "box set" with KM and have it work. So I had thought after she took the placement test on Saturday I could finally be done with all of it ~ for now anyway.

Well there really is a reason for everything! Right after I tried to get onto the site and it said it was still down for maintenance, I checked my email and had a reminder from ebay that an auction I had been watching was ending soon. I clicked on the link and there it was - YIPPPEEE! The Pre-Algebra set that I had been trying to buy. It had 13 minutes left and it was going for 60 dollars less than the original price!!! I also had a $5 off shipping coupon so the shipping only cost me $3 with insurance! If the site had not been down on Saturday and I had gotten that email on Sunday I would have been FURIOUS with myself! So I apologize for cursing out everyone that I did for the site being down on Saturday and would like to thank whomever was watching out for my finances in such a delightful way!

The ironic thing is that I had only been watching the Teaching Textbooks auctions to see if the resale value was going to be worth it for me to have her write in the consumable book or not. I will be having her use a notebook and act as though the consumable book is a textbook. Less waste and production cost that way and then I can allow someone else the same benefit of the reduced recycling reusing rate! 3Rs of course!
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