May 12, 2008

Nice Diversion

Some days a change of pace is all that is really needed!

We have been spending Mondays with our local group hiking, but the weather was far to iffy and windy as the trail today was right on the ocean and we had SC. Now don't get me wrong we have completely loved the hikes, but it was nice to kinda go off the track. We got work done very quickly this morning, SC took a very short nap (OF COURSE), so we decided to run some errands and have a nice lunch out. We went to KM's favorite little restaurant for chowder and sandwiches. I had forgotten how much people LOVE babies. All the older customers were coming over and talking to SC. She is such a happy little bugger, but she is LOUD!!! Luckily no one minded that she was screeching like a little monkey. I honestly think that one of the best gifts that homeschooling has given our family is the wonderful connection that these two little cousins have with each other. KM adores SC and vice versa. They are so funny together and they would not have seen each other for more than an hour or two each week if she was in PS still. We are going off track tomorrow as well - the 3 of us are going to visit LP and my other little niece OR! This should be interesting to see what the 18 month old decides to teach the 11 month old and how the 10 year old will deal with 2 of them running around. I will let you know how LP & I survive the 3 of them!
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