May 16, 2008

Book Connection

KM has been volunteering for the last few months at the library on Fridays during the 3-6yr old story and craft time. She goes in each week after lunch and helps set up the crafts for the kids and then helps clean up after the kids are done. She loves being around and helping littler kids so this has been a great thing for her.

Today however they were working on shifting the books and organizing the shelves so Miss J. asked if she would be interested in helping with this while she was reading the books to the children. She was so excited that the librarian trusted her to help with this task!

She has also been reading a lot lately - this seems to happen whenever the weather gets warmer around here. She loves to take a book to one of the back porches and sit there all afternoon. She will often have multiple books going at the same time as well, but seems to manage to keep them straight. Since she has been reading so ferociously lately when we arrived at the library today she proudly brought a large bag of books to the main circulation desk to donate. She figured that way if she wants to read it again it will be there and of course other kids would be able to enjoy the books.

I often wonder if children understand their place in a community and how working together makes things so much easier. I am glad that at least for today KM could feel she fit into a larger scope and that she helped the community even in this small way!
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