May 23, 2008

The cost of everything!

Just about every blog that I have been on lately has had some reference to the astronomical prices of gases and how it is effecting their families. I really don't like to get political in general and though we have had to make some changes along with everyone else, I thought I would bring to light a story that I heard from my neighbor.

Now we all know oil prices are high as well. Most of our neighbors all use different oil companies and are on scheduled deliveries. Luckily most of us also have wood burning stoves or fireplaces so we don't tend to need fills up as often as others do. I am very fortunate that we have had the same oil company since I was little so we have a wonderful family rapport with them. They are great about calling when the prices drop down and asking if we would like a top off at the lower rate or if we are scheduled for a delivery they will call and say hey the price just shot up if you can wait until next week it may drop down. Unfortunately my neighbors company seems to not be as family friendly. She is on a budget plan, so that she pays a monthly price for the entire year so that she doesn't get whacked with a huge bill come January. I think anyone could understand that this years budgets were going to be off as no one really thought it was going to stay cold for so long or that the prices would sky rocket to over $135 a barrel. So when she got her last oil delivery of the season earlier this week (we are all hoping that these tanks will get us through the summer) she was shocked that not only did she have a $900 balance, but their had been a $25 delivery surcharge added to the last three deliveries because of the cost of gas. I nearly fell over ~ are they expecting us to go pick up our oil? How in the world can a company that has always delivered a product - there is no other way to get all of a sudden without any warning to their costumers be allowed to charge extra? That is our wonderful government for you! If that had been someone on a very restricted income - social security for instance- that $25 surcharge could mean the difference between oil or medicine or food. I just don't get it.

I have also noticed that the prices of just about EVERYTHING is increasing. At first most people didn't notice, but even the comfortable are starting to notice a huge difference. We depend way to much on oil-based products to get us what we need. How about your family - what types of buckle-tightening have you had to put into place?
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