Jan 15, 2009

Quick Recycling Project - Art Smocks

I had some old towels laying around that I had been trying to figure out something to do with, when it hit me this morning - Art Smocks!

Here's what to do:
Very simply fold the towel in half one way and then fold it again the other way, mark off the center and cut out a hole, big enough for ~ whomever it is intended for~ head to fit through. Pinking shears would obviously work best, but since it is a towel and they are weaved, holes made from regular scissors will work as well. Then WALLAH -

If you want to make it last longer, have the time, and ability - you can also seam off the edges of the head hole. For now I just want to see how long it will last without the seaming.

I am going to save the extra circles that we cut out of the neck - to make bean bags with! 2 for 1 project deal today!!!
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