Jan 3, 2009

First Art Project of the New Year and updates on older projects!

We have been getting antsy around here with holiday things slowing down so we decided to work on a project today. KM got this incredibly cool book for Yule and so we thought today would be a great day to try some of those marked pages - can you see how many she has marked off, there are more tabs coming out of the bottom that you can't even see!
KM picked "Past, Present & Future Picture Show" - but of course, as with everything around here, we had to tweak it a little, so we did past, middle and present.

These are the three pictures that she choose to work with:

We used butcher paper instead of construction paper, as we didn't have any big enough for all three pictures across - she measured the 1/2 inch increments diligently.
Since she was pressing into the soft top of the card table while she was drawing the lines it actually made it easier to make the creases.
The hardest part was making sure that the picture strips were in order and right-side up as they were glued onto the paper.Final product - even front view
View tilted to the right:

View tilted to the left:
There were some other things that we thought of to try for next time, like leaving a small amount of space between each for the fold, so that it comes out with cleaner lines. We also thought the if we had used bigger pictures and stuck to close ups it would look more even and clean, but I kinda like the differences in the context of the three that she chose.

As far as the update on the other projects, I have been a bit side tracked with them lately, but I have converted all of our VHS videos to DVD. I have not as of yet burned them to DVD, I have them backed up though as AVI files for now. I also got HP SimpleSave for some of my families members and myself for christmas and after hearing multiple stories over the last few weeks of people losing ALL there pics from computers crashing, I have all the photos backed up and stored safely away! Yippee!!!

I also had a sudden urge - or I guess it could be a realization of sorts - when I was putting the Christmas decorations away, to put out some new pictures. I realized that I hadn't printed any new pics in quite a while and didn't have any pics of SC up anywhere - of course she is here sooo much do I really need pics of her up? (JK) So I went in search of pics to hang up, I also had CJ bring up a box of frames from the garage that I had left over from Noni's stuff. Of course a lot of the pictures that she had were duplicates to those that I already had up, so I thought I could reuse some of the frames. Well as I began taking pictures out, I realized that she had been reusing these frames as well, and I found some HYSTERICAL pics of MC and I when we were young. They are sooooo bad I can't even post them here as I would have to fear for my life - really her hair was just soooo big! I don't know how they didn't realize that something that could hold your hair up that HIGH was not good for the environment. So that was a good little chuckle I had going through all the old photos, half of which I had forgotten about or thought were gone forever!

Now that I have all the older photos that are already digital backed up. I am going to start, over the next few weeks, going through the older baby pics and scanning them into the computer. That is going to be the time consuming part, but I figure that computer and scanner are in our Play/School room so I can work on it while KM is doing her independent study stuff and I can still be within reach if she needs me and if SC is here I can stay contain in the room with her. I think it will work out, I just have to get it started!
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