Sep 30, 2008

Enjoying Music - Helpful Links

Music is such a huge part of our household. Although neither CJ nor I play an instrument, we love having various types of music playing throughout the house and KM really seems to have a talent for it. She started learning how to play the recorder 3 years ago in PS and then took a class with our local Coop last spring and did very well. She also has had an electronic keyboard for quite sometime and can often be found trying out new combinations of instruments with it. She has recently asked for lessons and has been trying to learn some more songs on it with the aid of sheet music - which she learned how to read rather quickly - and a great ear! We agreed that if she sticks with the learning on her own, with guidance and as much help from me as I can give, we would look into lessons after the holidays.

I know that this area can be tricky to teach in a homeschool environment, especially for newbies who have just taken their children out of PS. So I thought I would share some of my favorite links that we have found fun, entertaining, informative and useful:

If you have any favorites that I have missed - please share! We are always looking for new resources!
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