Sep 23, 2008

Election Curriculum

I have been asked by LOTS of people lately what we are using to cover the election and here is the answer:
Connect to Campaign 2008

Scholastic is one of my favorite sites! Though there customer service is leaves a lot to be desired, they are a great resource and their prices generally can't be beat!

Along with the info on this site we are using Candidates, Campaigns and Elections 4th Edition which is a very comprehensive unit and of course as always we will be using lots of living books.

We will also be using some living books including:
DK Eyewitness VOTE
People Pick a President (The Election Book)
and for fun
Ghost, the White House, and Me

I personally am reading Mike's Election Guide and may use excerpts from it with KM, but I will have to wait and see how much she really wants to take in!

Hope this has been helpful!!!
Feel free to add a post in a comment if you find other great election sites for kids!!
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