Sep 24, 2008

Fall Decorations - shhh really that's all they are!!!

Fall is our families favorite season!!! We love the chill in the air, wearing big bulky sweatshirts, the first logs in the fireplace, collecting colorful leaves, and spending time together outside when it is not sweltering out!

So while we have been on "school break", we have been working hard to decorate the house with lots of leaves, pumpkins, and scarecrows. We have been reading lots of stories about the fall and how things change from one season to the next. We have been discussing harvests and how the Native Americans used to store their food for the long winters. We have been watching lots of animals gathering. We discussed why it was called a Harvest Moon and what it makes it different from other moons throughout the year.

SHHHH...don't tell her how much it seems as though she is still learning!!!

I know I have said before that I am starting to understand the whole concept of unschooling, but I really am getting it more and more. Whenever we discuss something that I don't think there is anyway she would remember it, she does. She is constantly exploring and finding new things, then going and finding out what those new things are - totally on her own. I am here if she gets stuck, but that has been less and less lately. I am still too much of a control freak to just let everything go and KM NEEDS structure more than words can express, but I am seriously considering doing the unschooling thing for science and social studies.

We start our new school term next Monday and I have everything planned out, but I am thinking if it just doesn't work for whatever reason - as we had sooo many problems last year. We are just going to wing it!
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