Sep 23, 2008

Creative Idea

Last spring KM ordered a lemonade stand from Sunkist, which they send you for free if you are going to have a lemonade stand that will be used to raise money for a worthy cause. KM decided that she wanted to raise money to donate to an environmental cause, so her and some of her friends had this lemonade stand. Though they really didn't raise that much money, they did have a FANTASTIC TIME while they were trying!

Anyway, we were cleaning things out, getting ready for the new "school year" to begin next week when KM had a wonderful idea - why don't we make the lemonade stand into a puppet theater?

So we did!

We covered it with some cloth and decorated a sign -
of course it had to be called GCK Theater!! -

We had a fun time designing it and I am sure the kids are going to have an even better time being creative with it! You are never too old for a puppet show!
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