Sep 26, 2008

New Project Update 1

Thanks to DD, I got my new audio video toy! It is a VHS to DVD converter and I LOVE IT!!!
Although I have not gotten around to scan the pics yet, I have taken advantage of this very dreary, rainy afternoon and the fact that CJ took KM to the movies, since he can't paint in the rain, to begin this long process of converting VHS to DVD! The only down fall - which of course would be the same as with any other product like this - is that you have to have the video playing the WHOLE time. I have like 60 hours of tapes to go through! The other problem with this in our house is that we only have one VCR left and it is in the playroom, so I have to be picky about when I can use it. I will figure something out though to get it done! Wish me luck!
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