Sep 21, 2008

New Project Idea

So as I was making the slide show for KM's birthday I realized that I have none of her baby pictures on the computer! The ones that I used were all with Noni because I had scanned those when we were making the collage for her services.
I figured this will be my new project - in my vast amount of free time! - to scan all the older pictures into the computer organize them and put them onto discs. I also asked DD for a VHS to DVD converter for my Bday - so once I get that all done I have about 10-12 8 hour tapes to convert as well.
"Why would you want to do that?" you may ask. Well when KM was younger we moved a lot and there was a whole box of pictures from when I was younger that got ruined. I feel almost like those years of my life had been ripped from me so I want to make sure that everything is well preserved for our family.
It will be interesting to see how much of this I actually get done! I will keep you updated!
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